Intense lake effect snow has made for a treacherous commute for many people over this holiday weekend. Multiple accidents in this package.One “problem” with the motoring public these days, is that not many people will turn on all the lights in reduced visibility conditions, like rain, fog, snow. I don’t for a minute think that it’s necessary in bright sunshine conditions, or even overcast days, but throw some precipitation into the mix, and you can’t always see the tail end of some piece of crap little pavement-grey colored car. Fault over an accident is irrelevant if you have more time to see a vehicle and react to avoid it. You tell somebody about putting their lights on, and you get smacked back with “I can see just fine.” Well, it’s not about what you CAN see, sometimes it’s about what you can’t see until it’s too late. One of the things that ticks me off is people who hop in their vehicle, see the (digital) dashboard lit up, and just assume that they’ve got their lights on. So off they go merrily on their way into the pitch dark with just their daytime running lights on, nothing on the side or rear end lit up at all. Ignorance truly is bliss. But they’ll get all defensive and threaten to sue for bazillions when they get run over from behind by some half-blind poor bastard who just didn’t see them because their car was filthy dirty, and there were no lights turned on.

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