I’ve driven 3 trucks as a truck driver. A.) 2001 Kenworth W900L, CAT 3406E engine, Eaton Fuller 13 speed transmission. B.) 2012 Volvo, D13 engine, Eaton Fuller 13 speed transmission. and most currently a 2015 Volvo 780, D13 engine, Eaton Fuller 12 speed automated. as far as towing goes, the Kenworth beat both trucks hands down. the 2012 Volvo had both towing ability and comfort, which is a good combo. it got up to speed quickly also. the new 2015, is basically only comfort. towing ability plain sucks. I was pulling a half loaded trailer up a 5% grade and it had to downshift 4 times just to keep from stalling. The Kenworth could pull a full loaded flatbed up a 15% grade and I would downshift maybe once. automated transmissions also shift and downshift through every gear, no matter the load weight, which adds a lot of time to take-off. in the manuals, drivers have the option to shift how they want to. example with a 13 speed on a full load, the driver can utilize all 13 gears but on empty or bobtailing, the driver could shift like an 8 speed or even skip more gears and only use like 6 or something

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