SUV driver ignores lane end sign, tries to squeeze past truck. It doesn’t work.

An SUV driver causes highway chaos when he ignores a lane end sign and tries to bully a semi truck in the next lane. The video was shared on Youtube by user okan elkin, who says that the crash happened “right in front of me” on eastbound I-94 in Indiana on December 13, 2018. Since the video was shared on December 14, it has been viewed nearly 560,000 times. In the dash cam video, you can clearly see a sign indicating that the far left lane is coming to an end.

Moments later, an SUV driver traveling in the far left lane seems to realize — too late — that the lane is ending and finds himself with no where to go because of a semi truck in the next lane over.

The SUV driver soon loses control, swerving left and then back across all of the lanes of the interstate to T-bone another semi truck.

The dash cammer is able to stop his truck in time to avoid colliding with the SUV. You can take a look at the full video below.

Car Sandwiched Between Semi and Concrete BarrierI was heading eastbound on I-94 and there was an accident when four lanes went down to three. The driver of the car in the far left lane got pinched between the barrier and the trailer of a truck, lost control and spun across the highway in front of me. He collided with the trailer in the far right lane, then spun back to the far left.Credit: ViralHog

Posted by American Truck Drivers on Monday, December 17, 2018

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