With whatever kind of vehicle you happen to be building, said machine can encompass both form and function, acting the part of old reliable to get the job done and also bringing a little bit of your own personal style to make sure that your creation doesn’t go unnoticed in a crowd of people looking for attention to detail.

Sometimes, these might not be the creations that catch the eye of your average car fan, however, with a trained eye, you can see just how cool something like this can be as it brings together all sorts of different worlds into one and has to be something that you can really wrap your interests around to see where the stylings will end up taking you.

This time, it’s a whole collection of cabover truck builds, most of which are slammed to the ground and all of which bring their own special twist to a unique platform that can also be quite functional.

Some of these trucks are the perfect mix of modern meets classic as they have all sorts of elements that would lead you to believe, on the surface, that they’re just simply an old truck that’s designed to haul, however, when you dig a little deeper into them, you’ll see that the parts beneath have been designed so that these things are mechanically bulletproof and something that you can really feast your eyes on.

Heck, we would even go so far as saying that some of these builds are certainly showpieces.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see the restomods in all of their glory, showing off what looks to be somebody’s long and hard hours of elbow grease and dedication in order to paint you a picture that you have to see to believe.




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