A big rig overturned Wednesday morning, spilling unleaded gas and diesel fuel and closing Tennessee Street in Redlands for 12 hours. Redlands firefighters at about 11 a.m responded to the call. Several other cars parked on the street and in the parking lot of La-Z-Boy furniture factory were damaged. The semi-truck driver was headed south on Tennessee Street when he collided with a parked car, forcing the car onto the parkway and shearing a water valve responsible for supplying water to local businesses’ fire protection systems. The truck then overturned and came to rest partially on top of other vehicles in the parking lot. Redlands Fire Department was able to stop the flow of hazardous fuel into the street and nearby waterway. Less than 100 gallons of fuel were spilled. Redlands Fire Hazmat technicians worked closely with the San Manuel Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team to mitigate the flow of contaminants and off-load the remaining 2,500 to 3,000 gallons of fuel into trucks brought in. The semi was then righted and towed away.

No further contamination occurred during the removal and towing process of the truck. The state Department of Fish and Game responded to the scene to investigate the water way and contamination. Further investigation is under way to determine any further action. The Redlands Police Department responded for the road closure and accident investigation. Crews from the City’s Quality of Life and Municipal Utilities and Engineering Department also responded to make emergency repairs to the water infrastructure and provide absorbent dirt. The driver of the big rig was transported to the local trauma center for injuries. The accident is still under investigation.

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