Trucks from the 1950’s and 1960’s era. Photos of some very fine looking older model big rigs from years ago.
1950 Kenworth ,1954 Kenworth Bullnose,1954 Mack ,1954 Peterbilt Needlenose ,1955 International R200 ,1957 Mack Cabover H63,1957 Mack B61,1959 Diamond T Cabover ,1959 Mack B61,1959 International Harvester R190 ,1959 Peterbilt 351 ,White Cabover ,’60’s Diamond T ,1960’s Reo C500 ,1950 Peterbilt 349,1962 Kenworth Needlenose,1962 Mack B Model ,1963 White Freightliner Cabover,1964 International Emeryville ,1964 Mack B61,1965 Autocar,1966 Kenworth ,1968 Kenworth W900A,1965 Mack B61,1967 Mack Cabover ,1967 Peterbilt 358,1968 GMC Cabover,1969 Crackerbox Cabover,1969 Peterbilt 359

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