Parallel park Conventional, The first of the advanced manuvers. Remember during the CDL test you’ll only do ONE of the advanced manuvers, you’ll do either PP Conventional, PP Sight side, 90 Degree Alley dock. It’s a random selection made by the examiner. When I tested and many other examiners do this is we roll a dice labeled with the three manuvers.You’re allowed two free pull ups, you can take as many as you need up to a point. Pull ups are the least amount of points “1 point after the two free” so do them to get in a better position. The G.O.A.L. is limited to only Two. You cannot take a third look.Encroachments are 2 points for any part of the vehicle that crosses or touches a boundery line. On a Class A vehicle both vehicles, tractor and trailer are scored separately. You could have part of the tractor and part of the trailer encroached and that would equal 4 points. You cannot finish an exercise encroached. You can finish outside a boundary line for your final position. The final position has to be adhered to or there will be a 10 point penalty. You’ll be allowed up to 12 points total for a pass. The 13th point is a FAIL.
Ask questions if you’re unsure about anything.

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