AN elderly man has been taken to hospital after being knocked out of his wheelchair by a truck.
The man was wheeling his chair along the footpath on Danks St in Waterloo, just outside the North Shore Timber & Hardware warehouse when a truck, loaded with timber and a crane, backed out of factory.The man who was driving the truck, Peter, said he was “really shaken up” and “didn’t even see the guy” about 10:20am this morning.“An old bloke was in a wheelchair and he was in front of my truck and I didn’t see him and as I started to pull out I hit him.“He just wheeled straight in front of the car,” Peter told The Daily Telegraph.Two ambulances rushed to the scene and have transported the man to St Vincent’s as a precaution.An ambulance officer said: “The bloke has done well for being hit by a truck, he just has some cuts and bruises.”

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