A CDL driver says that technology saved his job after he was ticketed for driving 90 m.p.h. in a 70 m.p.h. zone. It all began when Chris Hylander was on his way back from a plumbing job in his work truck, according to Florida news station WSVN. Hylander was pulled over by a Florida Highway Patrol officer (FHP) for driving twenty miles over the 70 m.p.h. speed limit and issued a $281 citation for speeding. Hylander says that he knew something wasn’t right about the ticket. “I was angry. Yeah, I knew I wasn’t going 90,” he said.

Because Hylander is a CDL holder and because he knew that a speeding ticket could very well cost him his job, he decided to take action to fight it. Hylander’s dash cam captured the minutes leading up to the traffic stop as well as the interaction with the state trooper. In the video you can hear the trooper say, “The reason I stopped you, I clocked you at 90 in a 70.” However Hylander’s GPS enabled dash cam video told a different story.

After reviewing the footage, Hylander saw that his recorded speed never exceeded 74 m.p.h. — nowhere near the 90 m.p.h. he was ticketed for. Hylander forwarded the dash cam footage to FHP. Here’s how they responded: “After looking at the video with the trooper that issued the ticket, they determined that the ticket was issued in error. That ticket has now been dismissed.” A GPS enabled dash cam can cost as little as $100.  Having trouble viewing the video? Follow this link to the original.

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