I-65 Southbound in Louisville is back open this morning after a fiery crash involving a semi-truck. The truck driver nearly trapped inside as flames surrounded the scene.

The wreck happened around 7:30 p.m.

The semi-truck overturned and spilled diesel fuel all over the road.

The fuel ignited and set the massive fire nearly covering the entirety of one side of the interstate.

Reports claim that drivers were still passing through the flames.

With the driver of the truck still trapped inside, a Jefferson County Public Schools teacher is being credited with stopping and rushing to the truck to help get the driver out.

“One of the things that struck me the most was when we pulled him out,” says James Wyatt, “He turned to me and he said he thought he was going to die in there, which was kind of like a surreal moment for me.”

The lanes were back open Wednesday morning at around 3 a.m.

But officials are worrying that the intense may have altered the integrity of the bridge holding up that section of interstate.

No other injuries are reported in the crash.

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