I am a uk truck driver and I have never seen a more helpful truck driving video, we all do what is necessary to pass the test and then really learn how to manoeuvre these things (which isn’t easy with confined spaces, parked cars etc etc) so a big thumbs up to this guy for uploading it and a big hope you do well for all those watching it training to become truck drivers. peace out and all the best my trucking brothers….I’m in trucking school currently and I am having a hard time understanding the concept of backing up a trailer – I have asked my instructors and they have explained it to me, but it isn’t coming across clearly enough. I wasn’t explained how to set up but just shown and I wonder if that is whats confusing!?! I needed a ‘diagram” to be able to see things form a birds eye view and this video has helped me through the “visualizing” issue I was having and now the concept makes total sense to me. Thank you

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