Well I have been driving trucks for quite some time now, love it and I fix myself up driving too with fingernails. Nothing wrong with it, we are women. Oh FYI most men drivers have a problem with female divers out here bc they say we should be in a kitchen, I’ve also been called a lot of bad names just bc I wouldn’t pull over at a truck stop bc men wanted me…. how u gonna call a woman a whore just bc she want sleep with you, if she were a whore then she would sleep with you lmfao. BTW some men are just jelous bc women are equal and sometimes way more careful. I’ve also met a lot of men that enjoy seeing women out here and carry a conversation with women like they are best friends. 60% out of 100% men truckers are perverts and cheat on their women. I have seen a lot of nasty people letting those lot lizards in their trucks. ANYWAYS…. KEEP ON TRUCKING WOMAN!


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