Video of a BRAND New 2017 Argosy Cabover we have completed final stage assembly on. This unit is now sold, but there is more where they came from.
Det 12.7L @ 500/1650 , 13 Speed Manual , 12/40 Axles , Also available for new factory order , Det 14.0L @ 550/1850 , Up to 20000# front axle , Up to 69000# tri , drive rear axle , Double frame , 110″ Condo or MRXT , 90″ Condo or MRXT , August 3, 2017. Freightliner and Western Star have built out gliders for the 2018 Model Year. There are no plans to continue the glider program into the 2019 Model Year. Please do not call for information as gliders are no longer available to order. This information is for entertainment purposes only. Thank you.

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