No matter what decision you make, these days, it seems like social media has the potential to blow up lots of controversy surrounding that decision. This even rings true when it comes to something as simple as different materials that automakers are using to put together their vehicles. For example, when Ford decided that they were going to switch some of their construction from steel to aluminum body panels, people pretty much freaked out and criticized it widely along with some people deciding to praise the decision, talking about how genius it was to use this kind of material to eliminate weight and rust alike. However, on the flip side of that coin, we definitely do have people who think that using aluminum was a big mistake. While it might have its advantages over steel, definitely does have its disadvantages as well.

One example and the main example of this side of the argument is that it’s just not as strong and in certain situations, it’s argued that it might need to be. If you get into a situation where you crash, you certainly don’t want to have to be thinking about it at that point. The peace of mind is almost always worth it to have the best safety provisions possible in place should you need them. If you follow along with the video down below, you’ll be able to see exactly what these people are worried about with the situation that shows a piece of aluminum that has started with a little puncture and easily tears, something that you may or may not be comfortable within a crash situation. Some people say that something like this would never bother them as they argue that a body panel tearing has nothing to do with integrity in a crash and you’re not really likely to puncture it with regular use, however, it’s definitely a back-and-forth hot topic that could really go either way. Follow the video below and be sure to tell us how you take info like this and which way you think it should be spun.

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