MURRAY, KY – While many of you are still driving along the new Lake Barkley Bridge for the first time, many semi drivers are crossing Lake Barkley for the first time ever. Many drivers, including those driving locally for Paschall Truck Lines, had to go around Land Between the Lakes daily to access Interstate 24. The old bridge was too small. A trip from Murray, Kentucky, for instance, took an additional 20 to 30 minutes as drivers had to get onto I-24 at Calvert City rather than Cadiz. PTL alone had between 20 and 50 trucks on a given day going the old route either way. The new bridge will save them tens of thousands of dollars.The company could also stand to reduce up to 1,000 miles of driving per day. That means less wear and tear on the trucks and less fuel burned to make a delivery. It also means more time for drivers to get to their destinations, including to their homes or to their clients. Tom Adams, senior vice president of operations at PTL, says it makes deliveries more efficient for customers. “They’re waiting on that inventory. They’re planning on it. It’s got to be there on a set schedule. If it’s supposed to be there at 1 o’clock, if it’s not there at 1 o’clock, they may have a production line that’s got to come down at 1:30,” Adams says. That means safer roads, too, according to Adams. More time will mean drivers aren’t rushed so they don’t exceed their daily maximum driving threshold or to get to a family function. Adams is also looking forward to the completion of Interstate 69, which he says will give his drivers a quicker route to Memphis, Tennessee. PTL is a locally headquartered national company. They have locations in Memphis, Laredo, Indianapolis, Nashville, Brownsville, Texas, and El Paso, Texas. Adams is excited about the company’s headquarters being a more covenant place to haul. “The business grew in spite of being in Murray. We wouldn’t take anything for being located in Murray, and the people and the way we’ve been able to operate, but it has not been the most efficient domicile for us,” he says. Adams says savings like that often trickle down into consumer savings. For the company, he says the cost savings could create more jobs in the future. 

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