This week, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) announced that they will require vehicles to store emissions output data in an attempt to “identify vehicles with excess smog-related and greenhouse gas emission.”

On Thursday, November 15, CARB announced that they plan to go forward with a new program called Real Emissions Assessment Logging (REAL) intended to keep track of emissions data from both gas and diesel powered vehicles.

Under CARB’s new plan, a vehicle’s On-board Diagnostic system must “collect and store emissions data from NOx (oxides of nitrogen, a pre-curser to smog) on medium- and heavy-duty diesel vehicles in-use starting in the 2022 model year.‘ The OBD system will also be required to store the vehicle’s fuel consumption data.

Inspectors will be able to retrieve the stored emissions data by plugging a scan tool into the car or truck. Storage of similar emissions data is already required for light-duty and medium-duty vehicles starting in model year 2019.

REAL will provide the ability to monitor all vehicles for emissions performance, and allow us to spot trouble faster,” says CARB Executive Officer Richard Corey. CARB says that older vehicles will not be required to take part in the REAL program.

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