A semi truck driver’s dash cam video features a road rage confrontation with a motorist that could have easily ended in serious injury … or worse. The video was captured by truck driver Sean Reimer on December 28 in Roblin, Manitoba, as he turned onto Highway 83 with a full load of cattle in his trailer. In the video, you can see a small car speed in front of the semi truck to cut it off, forcing Reimer to maneuver into the other lane to avoid a crash.

But the car driver wasn’t done. Moments after the first serious brake check, the car driver zoomed ahead of the truck and once again came to a stop on this highway, but this time he got out of his car to gesture at the truck. Reimer was forced to take evasive action to avoid the road rager. “I had the choice of either flipping my truck over or hitting him and I would sooner roll my truck over than hit someone else,” he told Global News. Luckily, no one was hurt. Reimer has turned over the dash cam video to police, who are investigating the incident. You can take a look at the full dash cam video of the incident below.


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