Panic : PEOPLE, people. You ever driven behind a large truck while it looses a giant load of snow off the top of his truck right in front of you? Yes, you get blinded and it’s very dangerous. Since these vehicles involve large quantities of children and everyone sues for everything. Well, it much safer on the road for the buses to NOT have a load of snow which they can drop on following cars causing a accident. Also if the sow starts to melt and then freezes again, it acts kinda like a knife when it slides off onto someones head. So yes, for surrounding traffic and for your scared of everything offspring, this company has gone the extra mile to keep your overbearing panic at bay. Com: Dan brown : Thanks for the video. For those who felt the process foolish, consider what happens when the interior heaters warm the bus roof. One foot of snow 40 feet long landing in front of your vehicle or 500 ponds of snow landing on a child. I believe this is called due dilligence….

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