A three car accident involving a Jeep and two tractor trailers resulted in one of the tractor trailers veering off the road, into a house. At approximately 12:25pm, police responded to a report of a head on collision. David Stone was driving one of the tractor trailers, following the Jeep on Watkins Road. He says, “He was swerving back and forth, back and forth,. He was driving up the shoulder of the road and at that point I called 911 and told them what was going on.” Police said they had already received calls about the driver. It was after that phone call the accident happened. Stone says, “As soon as I hung up the phone he crossed into the northbound lane and hit the Pepsi guy, and when he hit the Pepsi guy he bounced back into my lane and then he hit me.”

The driver of the Jeep suffered major injuries. Stone says, “I hopped out of the truck, the first thing I did was get on my phone and call 911 again and I saw the driver of the Jeep in not very good condition.” New York State Police Captain George Delnagro says, “They extricated the driver of the SUV and he was flown to Robert Packer Hospital with serious injuries.” After hitting the Jeep, authorities say the Pepsi truck veered off of the road and drove into a house. It took crews over an hour to safely remove the driver from the cab of the truck and get him out of the home. Captain Delnagro says, “The tractor trailer continued off the highway and into a house. It was apparently unoccupied at the time.

It took some time to extricate the driver from the cab of the tractor trailer but he is apparently uninjured. Currently under investigation.” Just before 5:30pm, the Pepsi truck was towed out of the home. Shortly after, police reconstructed the scene. The part of the home involved in the accident was then torn down. The road was reopened at around 5:45pm. 2PM UPDATE: Our reporter on scene says emergency crews working on the tractor trailer that crashed into the home have removed the driver of the tractor trailer on a stretcher, who was taken away in an ambulance. There’s no word on the extent of that person’s injuries.

Police tell us no one was in the home at the time of the crash. PINE VALLEY, N.Y. (WENY) – There has been a serious accident on Watkins Road in Pine Valley involving a Jeep and two tractor trailers. According to police, the driver of the Jeep has been airlifted to the hospital. One of the tractor trailers went off the road and collided into the home. There is no word on the extent of the driver’s injuries. Crews are now working to remove that vehicle from the home. No word yet on if anyone was inside the house at the time of the crash. The driver of the second traffic trailer appears to be uninjured. Traffic is being rerouted in both directions on Watkins Road. A K-9 Unit is on scene. An eyewitness tells WENY News the white Jeep was weaving in the road just before the accident.

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