A Queensland driver has filmed the moment a rogue truck driver almost collided with dozens of oncoming cars on a busy highway. Witness Greg was driving behind the vehicle on the D’Aguilar Highway on Monday morning, with dash cam footage showing it coming just centimeters for a B-Double.

“These cowboy truck drivers have got to be pulled up for what they’re doing,” Greg told 9NEWS. “They’re going to k*ll someone.” The trucker can be seen swerving in and out of the southbound lane and didn’t move despite being beeped at from passers-by.


“He was just going like that all the way to the left and then to the right like he was on the phone,” Greg said. “Very dangerous I had to stay right back.” The video has been handed to police who told 9NEWS they are investigating. Officers suspect the truck may be responsible for a six car accident that occurred the same day in Morayfield. Credit: 9NEWS

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