Tow truck drivers are there when you need them most.When you’re stuck and stranded on the side of the road, they’ll come help.
But at what cost?
Jeff Jackson, owner of Midwest Towing and Recovery spoke with me about the dangers of the job he’s had for almost 30 years.”More than 60 tow truck drivers a year are killed in the U.S.,” Jackson said.He says it comes down to the “move over” rule.A Nebraska law that says you must try to keep a lane in between you and all emergency and road–side assistance vehicles, including tow trucks.”Please move over,” Jackson said. “All of us would like to go home. Our families would like for us to be able to go home and when they don’t move over, they’re putting our lives in danger every time.”He said one of the main reasons people don’t move over is because they don’t see the flashing yellow lights as well as other colors.”That’s why we’re asking some questions about getting red and blue lights on tow trucks so people will move over because they don’t respond to a single yellow light,” Jackson said.He says hopefully this would lead to more drivers moving over and fewer towers getting hurt at the hands of drivers who don’t.”If It was their family out on the side of the road they would be the one that’d want somebody to go help them,” Jackson said. “Please don’t put our lives in danger while we’re trying to help someone else’s family.”Jackson told me he’s reached out to Nebraska officials and legislators about changing the lights and increasing enforcement of the move over law. So far, one senator said she’ll look into it.

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