A tractor-trailer broke apart after it slammed into a bridge in Billerica, photos from the police department show.

The white tractor-trailer slammed into the train overpass around 11:38 a.m. along Mount Pleasant Street, between Billerica Avenue and the Concord River Reservoir. The overpass is just south of North Billerica Station.

Photos posted by the Billerica Police Department on Twitter show the roof of the truck’s cab was torn off the vehicle. The cab continued forward under the bridge, but the impact severed the trailer in two — with the front wall of the trailer continuing under the bridge with the cab and the rest of the trailer falling down to the road.

Billerica police said the truck is believed to have been brand new.

The MBTA inspected the bridge after the crash.

Mount Pleasant Street reopened around 2 p.m.

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