A tow truck driver’s husband is one of four people injured after two suspected drunk drivers crashed in north Harris County Sunday morning. Wiping away tears with his wife, Rosalie, by his side, Armando Rosa says he’s thankful for another day. “Every time a doctor would come in and visit with me, they would say how lucky I was,” he said. He was in his wife’s tow truck when a white Lincoln SUV rammed into the parked truck. “I ride with my wife.

She’s the actual tow truck driver and I help her whenever I can,” said Rosa. Rosalie Rosa was responding to a fatal car crash at FM 1960 and Aldine Westfield. She and several other tow truck drivers parked strategically at the scene to block traffic and protect first responders. Deputies say the driver in a black Chevy pickup ran into a Toyota Corolla, hitting the car so hard it split in two.The driver in the Corolla, Shane Laniyo, was killed. His two passengers, Nasima Uddin and Kilroy Igisair-Fitial, were taken to the hospital. Witnesses say the pick-up driver, who was seen staggering with slurred speech, got out his truck and walked away.

Deputies believe he was drunk behind the wheel. Rosalie was out of her truck with other tow truck drivers at the scene when a white Lincoln SUV, also driven by a suspected drunk driver, barreled through flares and hit three tow trucks. “I didn’t see it because I was on the other side of the fire truck, but we automatically knew what happened,” said Rosalie. Armando was left with two broken ribs, bruising and soreness, but this family says it could have been much worse.

“If we were not there, our trucks were not there, I think a lot of the first responders, deputies would have gotten really severely injured, maybe even killed.” The driver in white Lincoln SUV remains in the hospital. Charges are pending, deputies said. Deputies are still searching for the first driver of the black Chevy pick-up. “I consider myself very lucky because we see this all the time and there are so many people out there that aren’t lucky,”

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