Plans to reroute trucks around Valdosta have been years in the making, but city officials said the ball is still rolling. Valdosta Mayor John Gayle said trucks going through downtown Valdosta is a “tremendous” problem, and one that officials are still working on solving. He said right now the Georgia Department of Transportation is working on designs for the best route to get semi-tucks around the city instead of going through it. The current proposal would require trucks to use a bypass, on the other side of I-75 from James Road. To US-84, running 11 miles. Cars, though, would still be able to use it. While Mayor Gayle said it’s a project that will happen, the question of when and how much it will cost remains. The Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST) will be up for a vote next spring. The mayor hopes to have the bypass included in the list of proposed projects. The Georgia Department of Transportation says officials are also looking to build a 40-mile bypass for trucks, running all the way from Atlanta to Macon.

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