The stepson of a truck driver who died in a crash in Brisbane’s inner north wants his stepdad to be remembered as a “hard-working” family man who “would do anything for anybody”. Jason Miller, 47, was driving a J.J. Richards garbage truck when it swerved off Lutwyche Road and crashed into the side of Tentworld on the corner of Northey Street at Windsor about 9.30am.

The crash killed the “active, healthy” driver and left two male staff members with minor injuries. His stepson Christopher Wakeling, who got a call from his mum about the crash, was at the scene as 17 firefighters attempted to retrieve the man’s body from the wreckage. “I just want to be here for him, he was there for my whole life,” he said. “My mum rang me up and she said she spoke to him on the phone and he wasn’t feeling very well and then she rang work and they tracked him to find him and then they got the phone call. “I don’t really know what was wrong or anything, just that he wasn’t feeling very well, something has gone wrong.
” Mr Wakeling said his stepdad had no medical issues that he knew of and had only just spoken to him this morning. “He seemed alright, he didn’t really mention anything, we were just talking about jobs we were doing,” he said. “We do a lot of work together on the house, he has helped me with a lot of things. “He was a pretty healthy man, very active, hard worker, he worked very hard for his family. “I want him to be remembered as a hard-working man who looked after is family and would do anything for anybody. “This is all a bit hard to swallow.” Emergency services were working to stabilise the building and retrieve the man’s body from the “precariously placed” truck. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Inspector Richard Gorey said the vehicle was wedged between the levels of the two-storey building and it was lucky more people weren’t injured. “We were very fortunate today there was nobody in that section of the shop,” he said.Mr Wakeling praised emergency services for doing a “really good job”. “They said they don’t want me to see him, I said I just want to be here for him because he has always been here for me, I don’t care, I’ll stay here and look out for him,” he said.

Mr Wakeling said his mum had been married to Mr Miller for 27 years and he planned to go home to support her once the scene had been cleared. “I am going to go back and see my mum and support her and make sure she is all right,” he said. Paramedics assessed five workers on scene and transported two male staff members to hospital, one with a laceration to his leg and the other with injuries to his wrist. Inspector Gorey said 17 firefighters were doing everything they could to retrieve the man’s body in a “respectful and safe way”. It is understood the truck swerved off Lutwyche Road onto the footpath and through parkland before crashing into the tent supplies store. Police could not confirm the cause of the crash and an investigation was ongoing.

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