A car has ended up spinning off the side of a highway after colliding with a truck in a failed attempt to change lanes. The incident, which was captured on the truck driver’s dashboard camera, has divided opinion online as to who is in the wrong. The accident occurred on Monday morning in the NSW suburb of Sandgate, near Newcastle, and shows the truck driving in the left-hand lane of the highway.

Up ahead, a turning lane creates a temporary third lane for drivers turning left on to Wallsend Road. With the turn off up ahead, the car begins indicating and falls behind the truck. But as the vehicles draw nearer to the turn off, the sedan pulls in front and moves in front of the truck. The front of the truck collides with the rear of the car, sending the smaller vehicle spiraling off the road. The dashcam footage, uploaded to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, has been viewed more than 56,000 times and has left viewers split over who is to blame.

“The car owner was in the wrong lane he or she should have slowed down and go behind the truck,” one woman wrote. Plenty of others agreed. “Omg! Who changes lanes right next to a truck. I mean white car just changed and drove into that truck,” another viewer said. But some Facebook users said the truck driver also played a part in the crash. “Truck is just as much to blame as the car,” one man wrote. “He increased speed when he suspected the car was going to try and change lanes.

A professional driver needs to drive offensively not aggressively, simple as that.” “The truck is at fault he clearly hits the car and enjoys it and has no problem stopping the truck after he has hit the car,” one woman wrote. “I’ve driven plenty of trucks and would easily let that car in,” she added.

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