At 8 p.m. Wednesday, PennDOT lifted the ban on commercial vehicles on Interstates 83 and 380 as well as the restrictions on empty trucks, trucks pulling double trailers, and trailers towed by cars and pickup trucks from Interstate 81 between the Maryland line and the junction of Interstates 80 and 81 in Luzerne County. According to PennDOT, the commercial and speed restrictions will be lifted off Northeastern Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-476) at 10 p.m. The commercial vehicle ban will be lifted off Interstate 78 at midnight. The remaining restrictions on light vehicles and trailers will be lifted at midnight from Interstates 76, 80, 95, 176, 476 and 676 in eastern Pennsylvania, and the remaining sections of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. PennDOT lifted all restrictions from Interstate 84 in northeastern Pennsylvania at 6 p.m. Wednesday. The ban on commercial vehicles on Interstate 70, from the Maryland line to the Turnpike, was lifted at 4 p.m. Wednesday. State officials are implementing travel restrictions on the several highways and the Pennsylvania Turnpike ahead of expected winter weather.

PennDOT is imposing a ban on empty straight CDL-weighted trucks, tractors hauling double trailers, tractors hauling empty trailers, trailers pulled by passenger vehicles or pickup trucks, motorcycles and recreational vehicles or RVs, on:

  • Interstate 676 in Philadelphia
  • Interstate 476 between the Turnpike and Interstate 95
  • Interstate 76 across the state, which includes the Schuylkill Expressway and the East-West Turnpike mainline.
  • Interstates 276 and 476, a portion of the mainline Turnpike in southeastern Pennsylvania and the entire Northeastern Extension.
  • Interstate 176 (entire length)
  • Interstate 95 (entire length)
  • Interstate 78 (entire length)
  • Interstate 80 from the New Jersey line to the junction with Interstate 81.
  • Interstate 81 from the Maryland line to the junction with Interstate 80.
  • Interstate 99 (entire length)
  • Interstate 79 from the Turnpike to Interstate 80.

In addition, also beginning at 8 p.m. Tuesday, a full ban on commercial vehicles will be imposed on:

  • Interstate 70, from the Maryland line to the Turnpike.
  • Interstate 83 (entire length)
  • Interstate 84 (entire length)
  • Interstate 380 (entire length)

Turnpike officials will impose a ban on certain types of trucks, RVs, and trailers today starting at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Vehicle types covered by the restriction are:

  • Empty straight CDL-weighted trucks;
  • Large combination vehicles (double trailers);
  • Tractors hauling empty trailers;
  • Any trailers pulled by motorcycles, passenger vehicles, pickup trucks or SUVs;
  • All motorcycles; and
  • All recreational vehicles, or RVs.

These vehicles will be prohibited from traveling on the PA Turnpike’s east-west mainline from Ohio to New Jersey (I-76, 70/76 and 276) and on the entire Northeastern Extension (I-476) beginning at 8 p.m. Restrictions will remain in place through the storm. Restrictions may be issued for other highways depending on expected weather conditions.


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