When it comes to someone who is serious about their racing, you have probably noticed that many people at the track have quite the tow rig to match their vehicle. Some of these people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, when combined with the trailer, clocking in on the price tag scale at more than a lot of peoples’ houses cost.

When taking a look at this, we would venture to think that it’s more of the same as this creation is an incredible machine, to say the least as it brings forth all sorts of attractive design elements that would make somebody want to get on board. While taking a look at this thing, you’d be inclined to think that the Batmobile was on board because, from the outside, it looks like the bat cave has grown some wheels and made its way to the streets. Seriously, I wouldn’t be too shocked to see something like this in Gotham city!


Past it’s looks, the functionality really brings this thing life as the video showcases the internals that you wouldn’t mind living in, even if it were for a long period of time, and the trailer that is fit for a king, ready to store whatever it is that you need to get moved. Follow along in the video below as this tow rig is nothing short of a demonic set of wheels that will make you want to see more.

If you’re into racing and want to intimidate everyone before you even get into the gates, getting behind the wheel of something like this might be the way to do just that. After checking out this thing for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of this very dark machine that has people all over Facebook completely drooling over its presence.

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