Police have closed the westbound lanes of I-69 west of I-75 due to a serious crash. Several ambulances responded to the scene just east of the Bristol Road interchange around 11:45 a.m. The Flint Township Fire Department had to extricate multiple people pinned in their vehicles. The Flint Township Police Department had not confirmed any information about the crash Wednesday afternoon. A semi truck and pickup truck could be seen in the ditch with police and firefighters working to pull a victim from the pickup. Witnesses reported a significant traffic backup on westbound I-69 caused by the construction preparations farther east. Drivers who want to exit from westbound I-69 onto I-75 or Hammerberg Road this week have to get off at Bristol Road in Swartz Creek, then get back on the freeway eastbound. “It’s been very backed up on the exit ramp,” said Michael.

“It’ll go all the way down and it’s just completely backed up, and then over there on Bristol, it’s really backed up over there.” He said motorists are whizzing by traffic stopped in the right lane waiting to get off on the Bristol Road interchange. “It’s very dangerous right now,” Watkins said. “It’s almost getting to the point where it’s just like the off ramp for (I-475) down there with this construction going on, you see people slam on their brakes. I mean it’s just very dangerous right now.” Alliance Automation employees heard the crash inside their building.    “We were inside earlier and heard what we thought was the dumpster getting unloaded and about 20 minutes later, the same big sound even louder,” said Jason White, who works in the plant along the freeway. “We came out to take a look and that’s when we noticed everything going on out there.” All three lanes of westbound I-69 were closed at I-75 and police were closing several ramps around the interchange, including at Miller Road and I-75. One lane reopened around 2 p.m. Motorists are advised to avoid the area. Detour routes would include Miller Road and Bristol Road into Swartz Creek.

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