A tractor-trailer struck and killed a man early Monday morning as the got out of his vehicle along the highway just south of the airport. It happened a little before 2 a.m., along I-29 near 112th Street. Investigators believe the man stopped his vehicle on the interstate and intentionally walked in the front of the tractor-trailer.    Police shut down one lane of I-29 to conduct their investigation. According to officials, the young man driving the tractor-trailer got onto I-29 from the 112th Street ramp and shortly after saw the man walk in front of his tractor-trailer. The tractor-trailer driver called 911 and stayed on the line until police arrived a few minutes later. 

The victim was dead when police arrived on the scene, but his vehicle was still running. Police say the tractor-trailer has a camera system and captured the entire incident. Investigators are waiting for the driver’s company to download the video. The victim’s identity has not yet been released because police are still waiting to notify his family. They did say they believe he is from Raytown. 
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