One of the unfortunate side effects of eighteen wheelers ability to haul 20 tons of freight is that, if you climb a mountain, you eventually have to come down. With up to 40,000 pounds fighting to get down that mountain as quickly as possible, it puts an amazing amount of stress on the rig’s brakes, which despite the stresses are usually up to the task.

Sometimes, however, the brakes fail or just overheat and lose their stopping ability and the driver is faced with what is known as a runaway truck situation. Most major highways that traverse mountains have runaway truck ramps every few miles just for this situation, though thankfully they aren’t used too often. The video below, however, shows some pretty terrifying footage of a driver dealing with a brake failure of some kind and doing some pretty spectacular driving to keep his rig on the road and away from the other vehicles as speeds down the mountain at high speeds. The rigs driver does an amazing job, eventually finding himself

The rig’s driver does an amazing job, eventually finding himself staring down a runaway ramp with only one real option. Despite his speed, the driver has no choice but to hit the loose gravel in the runway ramp, plowing through it and all the way out the other end. When the dust settles, we see that his truck is demolished, but the driver emerges from the crash under his own power.

This could have been much, much worse, but the driver kept his cool and managed to guide his truck to the only option that could end this wild ride.

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