Sigh, the University of Louisville bridge has claimed yet another truck and another driver’s pride.
And this time it was caught on video. Yikes. Gary Budd, a passionate University of Louisville fan, was driving near campus at Third Street and Eastern Parkway when he saw a truck with a lot of courage take on the bridge. “I was stopped at the light and I heard a loud Ruckus to my left across the intersection,” Budd said in a message. “Driver cuts over into the on-coming bridge lane to take the bridge on at an angle, still couldn’t make it and just plowed on through lol.” The sound of scraping metal would make auto-insurance adjusters around the world cringe in pain. Sparks start flying and Budd kept filming. The truck looked like a half-open can of sardines by the time it had wiggled its way under the bridge.

But because the driver had absolutely no fear, he just kept on chugging. “My first thought was ‘didn’t the driver see the signs?'” Budd said in a message. “Is the driver really just gonna keep on driving? Yes.” What seemed like a freak accident actually is a pretty routine occurrence. As it turns out, there’s a whole Reddit thread dedicated just to trucks getting stuck or damaged under University of Louisville bridges. Save the limbo for tacky college parties, folks, not municipal bridges! Budd said on Twitter that the University of Louisville may have missed the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, but he still found something to root for

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