They don’t make ’em like they used to. Sure, the latest-greatest trucks get attention at the Mid-America Trucking Show, and so do the super-custom semis out on the show lot. But people flock just as much — maybe more — to the trucks of yesterday, which you’ll find scattered throughout the exhibition halls. Maybe it’s the vintage, classic look of them that evolved throughout truck and automotive history. Maybe it’s nostalgia; you’ll hear drivers point and tell stories of what it was like to drive some of these and what trucking was like back then. Or maybe it’s the stories you can imagine these trucks would tell as many of them quite literally helped build the nation we know today. The American Truck Historical Society made a special appearance at MATS this year, showcasing a group of trucks from the 1930s to the 1990s. A few exhibitors also brought antique trucks to display. Many of these were only made in the hundreds decades ago, and few exist today. We kept our eyes out for the vintage trucks as we made our way through the exhibit halls. Come explore Fleet Owner’s gallery of these fine, old haulers for yourself.

While this one didn’t have a placard or identifying info, its diesel badging and GMC script logo up front have us placing it as a late-1940s GMC ADC 900-Series truck. Best guess: she’s a ’47 GMC ADC 903 and under that hood is a 6-71 engine from Detroit Diesel, which was then a division of General Motors. To be sure, you might want to check with Dan Van Ness, whose ’61 Mack B-61 was also at the show.

1956 Autocar DC-75 owned by Jerry Howard of Howard Trucking in Fairborn, OH

1979 Freightliner cabover owned by Tyler Goullon

You won’t find many of these. Marmon trucks were built by hand in small numbers in Garland, TX up through 1997, and many were sold overseas. This one looks to be a mid-1980s 57P.

1981 Kenworth W900A owned by Billy Goullon

1937 Studebaker J30M that hauled for Southern Biscuit Co., a.k.a. Famous Foods of Virginia, of Richmond, VA. Behind it is a 1938 Talbert Trailer owned by Troy Geisler — the first built by Austin Talbert in Lyons, IL. Talbert founded Talbert Construction Equipment Co. in 1938 and established Talbert Manufacturing, Inc. in 1957.

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