Olwen Thatcher was born on November 13 in Talywain, near Pontypool in Wales.
She joined the ATF as a driver during World War Two in 1942, driving trucks, ambulances and jeeps. At the end of the war, she drove soldiers home.She then went on to follow in her parents footsteps, moving into the licensing trade and relocating to Weston in 1968.Anne Pring, vice-chairman of the Conservative Club which Olwen still frequents, said: “It was a very loving relationship and they often enjoyed travelling in their mobile homes along with their many dogs.”Olwen later bought a coach company which she sold to the late Brian Coombs in 1970. She worked driving a school bus until the age of 79.Olwen’s family said: “She is still beautiful, lovely and energetic and well-dressed.”

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