there was no music video for this song….
Ashlie Loyd 2 years ago
My daddy drove big rigs for 24 years. he passed away July 19, 2010 and always provided for me and my mom. he grossed over 100,000 a year to make sure we had everything we needed and then some. to all men and women who drive rigs I commend yall. it’s a lonely job.´╗┐
Jennifer Ramsey 3 years ago
I was 8 years old when my daddy died at the age of 36 from stage 4 cancer. They found it too late….. but he drove even when he was sick and didn’t know it…. and drove til he physically couldn’t no more….I’m so happy he had got to see the country and the best part of living before he passed. He lived for trucking and now he’s my trucker in heaven ­čśóÔŁĄ´╗┐

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