A car hauler had a rough morning yesterday that began when his truck got stuck on a set of railroad tracks and ended hours later when his truck was fished out of a nearby lake. The incident happened on November 6 in Ridgefield, Washington,  according to KOMO News.

Authorities say that the truck driver transporting several cars was en route to the Port of Ridgefield when he became high centered at a railroad crossing near Mill Street and North Railroad Avenue. After the driver left his truck to call 911, the crossing arms lowered and a train struck the trailer, causing one of the cars to fall off onto the railroad tracks.

The impact of the train loosened the stuck truck, sending it rolling for about a block before it careened straight down a nearby boat ramp into the Lake River. No injuries were reported. Police say that about 100 gallons of diesel fuel spilled out into the water.

It took a team of tow truck drivers several hours to remove the truck from the river. It isn’t clear at this time whether charges will be filed.

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