Liquid chocolate spills from overturned truck

DELICIOUS MESS: Tons of liquid chocolate cover a Polish highway after a truck overturned, leaving eager chocoholics wishing that they could help to clean up.

Posted by ABC News on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

In a series of events which sound suspiciously like something from my pre-lunch daydreams, a motorway in Poland has been coated in liquid chocolate after a lorry overturned.

The driver of the truck suffered a broken arm and was taken to hospital after hitting railings at the side of the road. Thankfully, nobody else was hurt during the incident which took place in the west Poland town of Slupca. However, the fire brigade is now facing frustrating difficulties with 24 tonnes worth of chocolate solidifying on the road as it cools. The sweet treat has slathered six A2 motorway lanes, disrupting the flow of traffic in both directions.

Large quantities of hot water are now required to blast away the pesky chocolate, which has been described as ‘worse than snow’ by senior brigadier and fire brigade commander Bogdan Kowalski. According to broadcaster TVN24, the incident happened in the morning when there was less traffic on the road. There are now reportedly enormous traffic jams, which I am sure is a complete pain in the backside. However, I am sure the sweet scent of chocolate wafting over the smell of petrol is easing the inconvenience somewhat.

TVN24 contacted the confectionary manufacturer in question to enquire about the best methods to scrub a vast lake of chocolate from asphalt. I imagine this is a dilemma the producer does not have to face on a day to day basis. However, they were apparently able to suggest the use of pressurised hot water washers.

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