The driver was hauling a dumpster around a hairpin curve on SW Upper Hall Street when he crashed through shrubbery and into the NBA player’s pool.While they awaited help from first responders, Turner’s chef propped the driver’s head above the water for 10 minutes before help arrived.Kenny James, Turner’s chef, says that he was standing in the kitchen when he heard a loud noise outside.”It sounded like a really loud screech,” James said. “I went outside thinking the truck would be outside on the other side of the street.”James checked to see where the damage was only to find Turner’s bushes and guard rail had been taken out by a semi truck that was now on top of Turner’s pool.”Then I went to the pool to help,” James said. “Half his body was under water, I would say his stomach down was under water.”The driver’s leg was pinned between the steering column and center console, James wasn’t able to initially free the driver so he “held on to his torso so he wouldn’t thrash around and cause any harm to himself.”

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