A Boulder couple sprung into action to try and save a semi-truck driver’s life Monday afternoon, then could only watch as a pick-up truck slammed into their SUV with their two-year old son still inside.It happened on US 36 around noon on Monday.Jeff and Krysten Fogg were driving behind the semi-truck when they say it slowed to a crawl and then started to roll backward, ultimately jackknifing.”I was worried. I knew something wasn’t right with the truck driver,” said Krysten.Jeff and another Good Samaritan rushed to the truck to start CPR on the driver.”You just do what you can do and at that point you don’t really about making mistakes. You just do what you can to help,” said Jeff.Meanwhile, Krysten got on the phone and dialed 911.”It was definitely scary,” she said. Little did she know, things were about to get even scarier. The 911 dispatcher asked her to walk up to the truck to check on the man. She did. Moments later a pick-up truck came whizzing by, traveling more than 60 miles an hour. It barreled into an oncoming ambulance and then slammed into the Fogg’s SUV, where their 2 year-old son Hudson was still buckled inside.”It pushed our car at least 30 feet from where it was,” said Jeff. “It was terrible. It’s incredibly frightening.” “I was screaming. I was like my baby is in that car, my baby is in that car, and my husband took off running,” said Krysten.Fortunately, Hudson was ok, seemingly unfazed.”He didn’t even care. He was more concerned about having glass in his Pringles than our car totaled on the side of the road,” said Jeff.However, the experience was a wake-up call, one Jeff hopes others will remember the next time they approach the scene of an accident.”People just don’t pay attention as much anymore. They’re on their phones or doing whatever and I don’t know if this man was on his phone, but there were lights and sirens on both side of the road and he decides to fly through them. Man, just slow down. Being late is not a big deal,” said Jeff.The driver of the semi-truck did pass away from an apparent medical episode. His name and exact cause of death have not yet been released.

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