This is the touching moment a trucker and veteran pulled to the side of a highway in order to pay his respects to the funeral procession of a fellow soldier.Kristen Collins was riding behind a hearse for her 91-year-old grandfather Fred Ladage, a Second World War veteran, on January 5 when she noticed the heatwarming show of respect. The trucker was later identified as Bradley Faulkner, who served in the Army and did a tour of Iraq, who said he noticed the Patriot Guard Riders accompanying the hearse and decided to stop.But, he told ABC 7, he would have stopped for any passing funeral procession on account of being raised in the South.’Being a veteran didn’t change anything about the situation,’ he said. ‘I’m born and raised in Tennessee. Down there that’s just what they do. ‘Anytime you see a funeral coming down the road, you stop your vehicle.’Kristen posted an image of Faulkner stood at the side of traffic, hand placed over his heart, on Facebook.

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