Just this morning, we brought you a video of a side-by-side ATV plowing through water that was above its roofline, only to see it emerge from the other side of seemingly certain doom and drive right out like nothing had happened.

We’ve also seen videos of Hummers just like this one doing the exact same thing, only with one small but very important addition. The other Humvees that we have witnessed emerging from full-submarine on their own power had snorkels to keep a supply of fresh oxygen feeding into the engine. The Hummer in this video doesn’t have a snorkel, and as you might imagine, that means things end badly for this mission.

I do want to say, before I give these guys a little bit of a hard time for this, that I have nothing but respect and admiration for what they were attempting to do. With Hurricane Florence dumping millions of gallons of water on a relatively small area, creeks and streets were badly flooded in this area and these guys were out looking for anybody in need of supplies or rescue. And to be certain, they chose the most idea vehicle for the job short of a full on big rig, they just overlooked that whole little snorkel situation.

With a load of supplies and some open seats for people in need, these guys set out to cross some dauntingly deep water, hoping against hope that their military-grade H1 Hummer would be able to make it through, and for the first few moments, all appears to be going well. However, as the water gets increasingly deeper and deeper, the inevitable does happen and water seals off the engine from the outside air, leaving it unable to breathe. With no engine, the Hummer is dead in the water, if you’ll pardon the unavoidable pun, leaving the occupants to be rescued themselves. Luckily none of the people in the Hummer were injured and they were all rescued and brought safely back to land by the team of boat-borne rescuers featured in this video from a local news outlet.

This high-water military Humvee was not high enough for the floods in Jacksonville. Fortunately, rescuers for the rescuers were not far behind. Gary Cooper reports…

Posted by Joel Brown WTVD on Saturday, September 15, 2018

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