The T800 dumping its load of gravel. my truck is nothing special. It’s definitely no showboat queen like this KW in the video. I bought it at a RB sale 7 years ago, it used to be a city works truck from somewhere in Vancouver BC. But is all there, its a 1996 Freightliner with a 8.3L C series cummins, Allison world series auto trans, highlift gate, air tarp, etc etc. It passes inspections and is paid for. I see a lot of other guys remortagaging the farm to buy a gravel truck. Guys spend $140K on a truck! I paid 23K. Both get $100/hr A highlift tailgate is standard issue here. I have a Freightliner tandem axle gravel truck with a highlift and an air tarp. Bought it for $23,000 cdn. It seems the STates is behind the times on lot of things like this. ……not saying Alberta Canada is any better. They don’t even have cab guards on their gravel boxes, nor air tarp or highlift gates.That is a stupid amount of axles. The DOT restrictions in the States, are retarded. …and that varies from state-to-state. Doing the same load in British Columbia Canada with a tri-drive. I see hydraulic highlift tailgates have not been invented down there yet.

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