Now, I certainly wouldn’t classify myself as a relationship expert by any means, however, I think that we have all seen that sometimes, breakups and relationship turmoil can end up getting pretty ugly. Depending on what has unfolded and the temperament of the people involved, sometimes, things can get downright nasty and evolve to a situation that nobody would ever want to be in, you know, one of those situations that makes all the neighbors come to the windows and watch, wondering exactly what’s going on with that couple from down the street.

In this one, that’s the exact situation that ends up unfolding and the byproduct of such an explosion ends up being somebody’s brand new Chevrolet Corvette. Whether or not this is a car that’s worth six figures, it doesn’t seem like this guy’s wife really cares all that much, to be honest. Apparently, what she thought that he did was bad enough in her eyes that she would head out to the driveway and go way over par for the course as she would start to have at the car, beating the poor machine with a golf club and doing some major damage, or at least we would be forced to assume.

If you follow along below, you’ll see the moment as everything unfolded, leaving this Corvette to sit there as it takes the other end of a golf club. I’m not sure that this really solves anything, however, this lady probably got her anger out at least. Whatever the person on the other end of this car had done, it had to be something pretty wild to end up getting a blowback like that. Was it deserved? Well, you have to ask yourself if this is really something that should be done in any situation, no matter how bad.

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