A 37-year-old woman who apparently died while sitting in the passenger seat of an SUV in late August was left to sit there for a week as her friend kept driving around, until her body was eventually discovered. It was Aug. 28 when a construction worker in Bellingham found an abandoned Infinity with the body of a woman still sitting in the passenger seat. Investigators later determined the woman, identified as Anita K. Bisnett, had likely died Aug. 20 or Aug. 21. At this time, investigators do not suspect foul play or violence in Bisnett’s d*ath, police said, but are awaiting a final autopsy report for an official cause and manner of d*ath.

Bisnett and the driver had been known to police for ongoing drug activity and Bisnett had recently been too ill to drive herself, police said. On Aug. 20, the driver left Bisnett in the car to go search for drugs and when he returned, discovered Bisnett had died, police said. The driver didn’t tell anyone and proceeded to drive around for the next five days with Bisnett’s body still in the passenger seat. He eventually left the SUV on Gladstone street where it stayed until Bisnett’s body was discovered by the construction worker on the 28th. Police have cited the 36-year-old driver for failing to notify a coroner or medical examiner of human remains.

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