A man is fighting for his life after an apparent freak accident in Dededo. No one was behind the wheel when he was caught between a fuel truck and a concrete slab. Police are looking into what went wrong. Cell phone video is no doubt – shocking. A witness recording the response the moment a man is pinned by a large 76 fuel truck and a concrete pillar.

It happened around 11 this morning near the 76 gas station in Dededo. The video, which quickly circulated on social media, shows a driver backing up, and the man then falls to the ground. Witnesses say no one was in the driver’s seat when the fuel truck suddenly rolled forward. “We’re wondering how come what happened he’s the driver, how come he’s smashed there? We don’t know if maybe he didn’t handbrake or forgot to put the parking. We don’t know it’s really you don’t know why it’s like that,” The incident leaving many here stunned. Like eye witness Marites Mercado who says the fuel truck driver was pinned for some time. “Around 30 minutes I think,” she said.

“We cannot help him because we do not know what’s going on how come he’s stuck in the corner, so lucky thing somebody called Triple J truck driver he was the one who helped back up the gas truck.” That Triple J driver is only being identified as Mr. Sablan. Though he is being commended for helping out, the Triple J officials express their thoughts and prayers to the victim. Meantime, Investigators say it appears the victim was refueling gas storage tanks at 76.

That’s when he noticed the truck rolling forward and in an attempt to stop it, the momentum pinned him against the concrete pillar. Guam fire units also responded to the incident. The victim, who has not yet been identified, was rushed to GRMC. He was last said to be in critical condition. The investigation is ongoing.

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