Trucking companies all over the country are starting to take on a congressionally mandated rule that requires drivers to have an electronic logging device to track their hours of service.
After speaking to several drivers, some of them shared their concerns over safety with a new device.

According to the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, electronic logging devices were created to help make a safer work environment for drivers.
The devices will make it easier and faster to accurately track, manage and share records of duty status data.

These ELD’s sync up with a vehicle’s engine to automatically record driving time so that companies can have precise hours of service recordings.

Some truck drivers say they feel it helps them track their hours better, others fear that it is causing a safety hazard on the road, because drivers are pressured to meet their deadlines.

Not all truck drivers are using the ELD’s since the new mandate is an awareness and transition phase.

However, after December 2019, all drivers and carriers must use the self-certified ELD’s.

Coming up on KGNS News at Ten, we’ll hear from truck drivers on other problems they may have using this new system.

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