I missed a 362 cabover pete here in florida on craigslist 8000.00 it was really short single axle the sleeper was maybe 30 inches. the truck was really nice red and white with 9 speed….Ya just gotta love the look of the definitely unconventional peterbilt cabovers, rollin coal old school style. I see a few cabovers around my area however not many and when I do spot one just like seeing this video it brings back a lot of good memories of runnin hard, makin money and having fun, none of which you can seem to do today with the way they have the trucking industry regulated.

I got my tired old arse off of the road and I just run local now, I am home every night , just hanging out and waiting for retirement. Anyway good job with this video I sure did enjoy it. Thanks and Keep On Truckin.

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