When the snow comes down, the world doesn’t stop. Many of us still have places to be and plow truck drivers, like Tom Goodell with ABO Snow Removal, help us get there. “My first truck… you had a joystick here that you pushed up and down,” Goodell said. “It’s a lot better than the older days.” Since ’98, Goodell has been in the plowing business. “We started with two trucks and we’re now up to 10 trucks, plus a salt truck,” he said. While operating the plow may have gotten easier, Goodell said the dangers are still there. “I’ve had someone hit me a few years ago down in the city of Saginaw at the post office,” he said. For that reason, he said he avoids plowing when the roads are the busiest. “When the customer call us and they’re open and they want us to do it right away, we’ll go do it,” he said. “But we’d rather do it after hours. It’s safer for us to do it on slower times.” This way, he can keep his drivers a little more safe. Goodell said between all of his trucks, they probably log a couple hundred miles a night. So far this winter, he said, his drivers have remained safe on the job. In order to keep it that way, he wants people to not only move over for the massive plow trucks, but for the smaller trucks like his as well.

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