On Sunday just before 4 p.m. a semi truck pulling a tanker trailer barreled into protesters who were blocking the Interstate 35 in Minneapolis.

Thereappear to be thousands of people on the bridge when it came through at what appeared to be top speeds. The driver, according to scanner traffic, has been taken to Hennepin County Medical Center.

The crowd was part of a protest group marching against the death of George Floyd, and had taken position to take a knee on the bridge. Local news reports that hey had been, up to that point, participating in a peaceful protest (while blocking a major interstate). According to local news, the interstate was scheduled to be closed at 5pm local time. It is unknown whether the interstate was closed prior to the protesters blocking the interstate.

Video from WCCO’s chopper showed what appeared to be a few on top of the semi cab trying to get the driver to slow down. We are getting reports that the driver was pulled from the truck by the crowd and reportedly beaten. The second video below shows police protecting the driver, who appeared to be white, macing protesters who seemed to be trying to get the driver.

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