This is how a 12 speed gearbox LOOKS and WORKS like…Its called 12 speed even most drivers counting the gears to 6..Most drivers count 5 LO – 5 HI – 6 LO -6 HI or 9-10-11-12…You will find 3 gear on the stick 1 range and 1 split button..The split gear are just needed when your driving on steep hills or heavy loaded..I begin to split the gear on the 4th gear.. 4LO-4HI-5LO-5HI-6LO-6HI…Over the years this turned out to be (my) best way to shift..Hope you will enjoy watching this video…This video has been a request by on of my subscriber..If you have any video request or questions about my work-the truck or the walkingfloor trialer just leave a comment or send me a PM..

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